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How Many Ways?

A brief rant about lists appearing in my Twitter feed
Today, in the space of about 30 minutes my Twitter feed offered me several well intentioned links to lists of things I should know, or should be doing.
Here are a few examples.
  • 10 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Every Day 
  • 4 Ways to Make Delegating a Success 
  • 10 Ways to Become a More Confident Person 
  • 11 habits of mentally strong people 
  • 5 Simple Ways To Get Closer To Your Dream Right Now
  • 5 ways to make enough side money to quit your job
On the business side of life, I am now privy to a host of guidelines that will guarantee social media success for my business in 2016.
  • 7 Ideas for Creating Great Content 
  • 10 Ways To Use #SocialMedia for Crowd Sourced Marketing 
  • 4 Ways to Optimise Holiday Marketing on #SocialMedia
  • 23 Hidden Ways to Use Twitter Advanced Search for Marketing and Sales
  • 19 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business
  • 5 Ways to Leverage Twitter in a Post-Twitter World
I’m sure there is some great advice here. But when everybody is presenting their content in the same way it  is hard to sort the good from the bad.
The whole exercise then becomes a headline writing contest with success being measured by click through rates. To be honest, having spent so much time reading this stuff, I am now suffering from list blur.

I'd love to hear about some different approaches that other people have tried and had success with.

If I get a good response I could do a list of The 10 Best Alternatives to Creating Lists...