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    Here are a few client projects we've worked on recently

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    Design a Better Business Workshops for the RTC

    We worked with businesses who recognised the need to rethink their business models to remain competitive in a digital age. 


    These series of workshops explored the how digital technologies are impacting all aspects of business.


    We presented and analysed the most contemporary thinking. The sessions then delivered practical guidance on how to identify and implement a strategically aligned digital transformation plan.


    Successful digital transformation is more reliant on leadership and strategic thinking than on technology. Culture is vital and have an outward mindset is a must.

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    High Growth Workshops for the NELEP and RTC

    The programme was based around the supporting the work of 'be the business' which aimed at improving productivity within the UK economy.


    Four areas were covered:

    • Leadership
    • Strategy & Future Planning
    • Talent Management
    • Digital Transformation

    By the end of the programme delegates understood that change is inevitable and that they must embrace innovation and business transformation across all four of the areas listed above.

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    University of East Anglia (UEA)

    Professor Coventry outlined his vision for the workshop to me approximately 4 years ago. We were discussing the need for UK universities to find new ways to give Psychology students and faculty staff a greater understanding of how the skills they had could be put to use in a business context.


    Professor Coventry wanted something more creative than just business people standing behind PowerPoint presentations, preaching about the pressures businesses face and the skills they want to recruit.


    We quickly realised that a more practical approach was required, if we were to create an exercise that more closely simulated a real world situation.


    Professor Coventry suggested we create an activity that would direct the students to think of themselves as a business whose aim would be to market and sell its services to commercial customers.


    Prof. Coventry wanted students to be exposed to the language and acronyms of business. Understanding what business people were saying was vital if they were going to present their skills in a way that was relevant and persuasive to a commercial audience.


    Using my own professional knowledge in helping businesses raise venture capital and angel finance to achieve their route to market strategies, we created the ‘Dragons Den’ workshop. 

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    Orange Bus

    Business Development and Sales Strategy

    We worked with the senior management team for just under a year. We were aware the business was exploring trade sale options so the work was focused on 5 main areas.

    1. Positioning. What makes Orange Bus different?
    2. Prospects. Created a wish list of companies and types of organisations they wanted to work with.
    3. Reviewed existing marketing and communications. How is PR working? Do they need a new brief? Are they walking the talk? Website review?
    4. Lead Qualification.
    5. Review how OB present. What could be improved? What works well?               

    As part of this process we also reviewed how the agency communicates with existing clients with a view to selling more to these organisations. This involved looking at their current CRM system and making recommendations on how it could be used more effectively.

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  • Presentations & Videos

    A couple of video scribes created using Sparkle

    Business Exposure Workshop for the University of East Anglia (UEA)

    In March 2014, Second Year Psychology Students at UEA took part in a two day residential at Wensum Valley Golf Club. The event aimed to help students discover how they could use their Psychology degree in the real world and what they can offer a future employer. I acted as the big bad business man and the event culminated in a dragon's den style presentation to rate their efforts.

    Social Media Guide

    Tongue in cheek look at the main social media channels.

    RTC Synergi Event

    Intro video for a client event hosted by the RTC

    Start with Why - Simon Sinek

    Excellent talk that helps businesses think about why they add value to the sector they operate in. 

    Real insight into what motivates people from Dan Pink

    If you manage a team this video may surprise you regarding what actually motivates people. .