• Business Transformation using Digital Tools

    Do you need to rethink your business to remain competitive in a digital age? These 2 workshops will explore the how digital technologies are impacting all aspects of business. We will take you through the most contemporary thinking and offer practical guidance on how to identify and implement a strategically aligned digital transformation plan. Successful digital transformation is more reliant on leadership and strategic thinking than on technology.

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    Digital Transformation Planning Workshop

    Day 1 - Discovering Opportunities

    • Learn how digital technology can drive key processes across your business. 
    • Can add more value to customers
    • Can help you raise levels of performance above the industry standard driving competitiveness and growth
    • Develop a productive and efficient business model that’s focused on delivering value to your customers.
    • Identify opportunities within your business
    • Understand how People, Process and Technology work together
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    Digital Transformation Implementation Workshop

    Day 2 - Execution using OKR

    • Learn why so many digital projects fail
    • Learn about how successful businesses implement strategies that work
    • Learn the power of using the Objectives and Key Results framework, notably used highly successfully by Google
    • Create your own objectives and key results plan for a digital transformation project you want to undertake